Laser Hair Removal
For Brazilian Style

Laser hair removal is the best solution for removing unwanted hair in delicate areas. Shaving around your bikini area or buttocks is tricky work and unsightly razor bumps can spoil careful grooming. You’ll never worry about ingrown hairs, razor burn or shaving bumps again after saying goodbye to your hair forever with laser hair removal.

No more ripping and tearing at your hair follicles with hot wax and now you can keep blades blades away from your bikini area for good. The Brazilian bikini area—which includes the entire bikini area, and between the buttocks (including the perirectal area)—can solve the complicated issue of reaching around with razors to catch every last stray hair.

Our lasers are safe enough to be used in tender areas without burning or damaging the skin. The laser is operated by medical professionals who are extensively trained by registered nurses to safely utilize the laser around sensitive anatomy.

You’ve found your way to smooth skin, forever.

A Lifetime of Brazilian Waxes Cost

Brazilian Preparation

Unlike Brazilian waxing, we ask that you prepare the Brazilian area by shaving. This means no unruly growth before your treatments!

Please avoid sun exposure (even through swimsuits!), waxing or tweezing, and come to the office with clean skin (no lotions, powders, perfumes, etc.).

The Finer Details

If you have specific requests on how your Brazilian is executed, please let your nurse know prior to your treatment.

It’s time for a permanent solution so you never shave again. With laser hair removal, you can start your day without worrying about unwanted hair for the rest of your life. Don’t let shaving or painful waxing continue to be a nuisance or burden to your days, your solution to smooth has arrived.

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